Wednesday, 16 August 2017

3 Main Reasons that Why your Penis Enlargement Process Fails.

In today's blog, I am going to share the reasons why your penis enlargement process fails and the leading factors that leads to penis enlargement process fails.  Read this blog to clear your doubts and make you understand about the penis enlargement process.

The penis enlargement process helps to increase the size of the penis. Some of the men do not know the right process of penis enlargement and they fail to increase the size of the penis. If you are extremely new to penis enlargement, I am sure you need some help and support to increase your penis size.

If you have relatively small penis with the erect length 4.0, then there are many methods that will help you to increase the size of the penis. If you are new to PE and really want to increase the size of your penis, then you can consult the best penis enlargement clinic in Delhi that provides you a better way to increase the size of your penis. 

Now, I have 3 main reasons why penis enlargement process fails

1.      Not serious about gaining size
This is the most top reason that you should avoid. If you really want to increase the size of your penis, then you should be serious towards it. Do something seriously and get the effective results. Treat the penis enlargement seriously and set an enlargement goal.

2.      Loss of confidence by measuring penis too often
You guys love to measure, but some of the men do it too often. Many guys measure their penis expecting to see the result the next day. They do again and again and measure their penis again. This continues until they lose their confidence and they think they are not able to increase their penis size.   

3.      Using a wrong approach
The penis enlargement pills, penis extenders and penis pumps are not effective in helping you and also harmful to your penis. So, it is advised to not use any kind of pills and penis pumps. If you want to go for the surgery, then choose the best doctor.

So, these are the 3 main reasons that you should avoid to increase the size of your penis. One of the best sex doctors is Dr. P. K Gupta. You can get the best treatment to enlarge your penis at Dr. P.K. Gupta’s penis enlargement center in Delhi. Please feel free to approach the best sex doctor and get the best way to increase the size of your penis. 

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Help Your Man Get Better Treatment of Sexual Problems

In this blog, you will read about the male sexual problems and its treatment. So, help your man and get better treatment of male sexual problems. Read this blog that will make you clear about male sexual dysfunction and help your man to know about the treatment.

Male sexual problems or male sexual dysfunction has now become a common sex problem that affects men of all ages, but it is more common with increasing age. The most common types of male sexual problems are premature ejaculation and Erectile dysfunction that is commonly known as impotence. If you are also facing one of these problems, then don't wait more, consult the best sexologist that gives you the best Male sexual problem treatment in Delhi and make your sexual life better.

Now, Let's elaborate the top and best treatment of male sexual dysfunction.

1.      Eat a balanced diet
The food you eat has a direct impact on your erectile dysfunction. Take a healthy diet that is rich in a fruit,  green vegetables and refined grains the help to improve your ED and gives you strength to fight against your erectile dysfunction.

2.      If you smoke, quit it.
The smokeless tobacco and the smoking both have a bad impact on your body. It can narrowing the important blood vessel or even block it and it have a negative  and bad impact on your body, So avoid smoking that is the best and simplest way to stay away from ED.

3.      Exercising regularly
Regular exercise helps you to reduce ED. It has an effective and good impact on your body and it helps you to stay away from many diseases and improve your overall health.

4.      Reducing stress
If you have an issue with your sexual performance. Check out, if your husband is overly stressed or not. If he is not, then it is better for both of you. Keep in mind that you and your partner should not be in any type of stress or depression.  

So, these are the best treatments for your sexual problems. One of the best sexologist doctors in Delhi in Dr. P.K Gupta that gives you the best Treatment for low sex desire in Delhi and helps you to improve your sexual problems. Please feel free to approach Dr. P. K. Gupta and get the best solution for your sexual problems. 

Saturday, 29 July 2017

How to Reduce Pain During First Sexual Intercourse?

How to Reduce Pain During First Sexual Intercourse?
Pain during the first sexual intercourse is the foremost concern as well as fear for every woman. Sex is an amazing thing, which is supposed to feel good and pleasure. Vaginal sex during first time can be painful, but if you want to enjoy your first sex, then this blog will really help you because we are going to share some tips to reduce the pain during first sexual intercourse.

Sexologist in Noida

These are the discussed tips with a leading Sexologist in Noida, Delhi, which will definitely help you in the pain reduction during first sexual intercourse. We believe that women also have a right to enjoy their first sex just like men without feeling any pain. Sex is a huge deal and first sex is a learning process, so why not make it pleasurable by following these tentative tips. We have enlisted the secrets on having more pleasure experience during your first time.

1.     Start with a foreplay
Foreplay plays an important role in reducing pain during first sex for women because a long foreplay is enough to arouse any women and her vaginal walls will become well lubricated, which makes it easier for the penis to insert into the vagina without causing any pain. A woman has to be turned on during sex, so if you are not lubricated, then the first sex will be painful.  

2.     Talk to your partner
Communication can reduce a lot of sexual problems. Communicating before having sex can make you and your partner more excited about the sexual experience. You can talk about the sexual desires to combat pain during sex. Know your partner by communicating your desires.

3.     Use a lubricant
Many women face vaginal dryness during first sex due to various reasons. In such case, an artificial lubricant is enough to prevent the friction during sex. You can buy a lubricant from the store and use it during sex to prevent pain.

So, these are the tips you can follow to make your first time sexual intercourse painless and pleasurable. If you think you need to get prepared for the sex mentally and you are unable to prepare mentally, then you can consult a doctor for the sex counseling and therapy. One of a leading doctor for sex related problems is Dr. P.K. Gupta. He is the best sexologist in Delhi, who can help you to get rid of sexual concerns and problems. 

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Exercises to Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction - Best Treatment in Delhi

A healthy sex life generally goes along with having a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes a balanced diet, enough sleep, controlled stress and regular exercise. Exercise impacts physical as well as mental health of a person. But a lot of people don’t take their health seriously, which leads to health problems.

Unhealthy lifestyle can also put a damper on your sexual life. You need to perform regular exercise, eat healthy food, take a balanced diet and take enough sleep, if you want to keep yourself sex problem free. One of the most common sexual dysfunction among men is Erectile Dysfunction. But thanks to the specialists who make Erectile Dysfunction treatment in India possible. The basic stage of Erectile Dysfunction can be improved through some regular exercise. Exercises can lead to the release of Endorphins, which is the chemical responsible for runner’s high. Exercise will also improve mood and lowers levels of stress hormone.

Exercise for Erectile Dysfunction
·         Kegel Exercise
Kegel exercise can help you to control pelvic problems. This exercise is also recommended by the doctors to treat erectile dysfunction. Start performing this exercise couple of times a day and see the beneficial results.

·         Cardio Exercise
Regular cardio exercise can help to boost the energy level, lower the blood pressure and improve erectile functions. You should perform cardio exercise four or five times a week in order to improve body image, erections and sleep. Cardiovascular exercise includes running, rowing, skiing, swimming, etc.

·         Aerobics
Erectile Dysfunction is most commonly used by obesity, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes, which affects smooth blood flow to the penis. Aerobic exercise can help to improve blood flow to the penis.

You can perform these exercises on a regular basis in order to treat sexual dysfunction like Erectile Dysfunction. But if your condition is old and you are unable to overcome ED, then consult a trusted expert for the Best Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Delhi. One of the best doctors, who is specialized to cure Erectile Dysfunction is Dr. P.K. Gupta. He provides effective treatment for ED, premature ejaculation, low libido, endometriosis, nocturnal emission, etc. 

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Low Testosterone and Sexual Problems in Men - Sexual Problem Treatment in Delhi

Testosterone is a hormone produced by human body responsible to stimulate sperm production and men sex drive. Male body produces testosterone by the testicles. Males have higher levels of testosterone than women. It is also known as a male sexual hormone, as it affects a man’s appearance and sexual development.

The production of testosterone decreases with age and it generally starts to decrease after 30. So a decreased testosterone level is a natural result of aging. There are the side effects of low testosterone that can affect your sex life. A leading doctor that provides Male Sexual Problem Treatment in Delhi will share the sexual problems that can cause due to low testosterone in males.

Sexual problems due to declining testosterone levels
1.      Reduced sexual desire
A hormone called testosterone plays a vital role in controlling the libido in men. Most men experience the lack of sexual desire as they age and the reason behind this is declining testosterone level. Someone with low testosterone will likely experience a drastic drop in sexual desire.

2.      Erectile Dysfunction
Testosterone aids in achieving and maintaining the firm Erections, just like sexual desire. Testosterone stimulates receptors in the brain to produce nitric oxide, which trigger chemical reaction necessary for long lasting firm erections. Men with low testosterone may face difficulty achieving an erection prior to sex.

3.      Low semen
Your production of semen totally depends on the level of testosterone. Semen is a milky fluid that aids in the motility of the sperm and men with low testosterone will notice decrease in the value of semen during ejaculation. Low semen can affect the fertility of a male, so if you are going to the lack of semen, then consult an expert for the treatment.

Testosterone is essential for the sexual functions. Low testosterone can affect your overall appearance. So, is the very essential to consult an expert for the treatment. One can consult Dr. P.K. Gupta for effective and safe Treatment for Low Sex desire in Delhi. He also provides treatment for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and infertility at an inexpensive cost. 

Friday, 14 July 2017

Healthy Sex Life After 40s Defined by a Sexologist in Delhi

Sexologist in Delhi

 Every person wants to enjoy sex life for the rest of their life. But no one wants to discuss this topic at the dinner table. Thank god that the internet is the dinner table. Here we can discuss and read anything about sex. So, let's not waste time and talk about sex. Today, the leading sexologist in delhi will tell you the top secrets of healthy life after 40s.
Sex is an important aspect of relationships. So, if you have a boring sex life, then it can impact your relationship as well. You can work towards your sex life, if you start working towards improving the intimacy in your relationship.
 Use sex products
Sex products like fragrant oil and lotions can be fun and erotic addition to the bedroom. As you get older it is very important to use sex aids in order to improve sexual response and pleasure. Use clitoral stimulator or lubrication to make sex comfortable, pleasurable and more exciting.
 Do penile exercise
It is very important to perform penile exercise on a regular basis. Exercise helps in keeping your pelvic area strong and prevents bladder control issues.
 Stay comfortable with your body
Whether you are a man or a woman, it is important to stay comfortable with your body while having sex because uncomfortable feeling can cause anxiety during sex and stops you from enjoying sex.
 Consult sex doctor
It is advised to consult a sexologist on a regular basis and get sex therapy, if you are unable to enjoy your sexual life due to any problem. After 40s men and women, both experience low sex desire, which need to get treated in order to enjoy sex life.
If you are suffering from any sexual dysfunction after the 40s, then you need to consult Dr. P.K. Gupta, a leading sexologist in delhi for the treatment. He provides best sex treatment for both men and women sexual dysfunctions. He is specialized to cure conditions like erectile dysfunction, low libido, premature ejaculation, endometriosis,night fall, sperm treatments, sexually transmitted diseases,sexual problems in women and sexual problems in men, Anemia Alcoholism,Drug abuse, Painful sex etc.
To know more about the sexologist doctor in delhi, just follow the following details:
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Phone: +91-9999925201

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

How your daily habits can affect your sex life?

There are a lot of things that can affect your sex life. Certain chronic conditions like stress, alcohol and unhealthy diet can interfere with your ability to have sex. Guys spend a lot of time to sculpt their physique and improve appearance. On the other hand women do a lot of workout to shrink their waistline in order to look sexy. A workout routine is very important to repair sexual life.

Unhealthy habits or underlying health conditions caused by poor lifestyle can impair sexual performance. So it is important to know the main factors that affect your sex life. So a leading sexologist in Delhi has brought this blog to let you know the common lifestyle habits that are your sex killers.

1.      Relationship problems
Improper communication, lack of trust and regular arguments can act as a major hindrance in your sex life. So it is important to solve the issues in your relationships to take your sex life in the right direction. You can even seek counseling from a good therapist to sort out personal differences between you and your partner.

2.      Excessive smoking & alcohol consumption
Excessive alcohol consumption is linked to a lot of health issues. Having alcohol on a regular basis can freeze your sex drive, as it directly interferes with impulses. It can permanently damage your nervous system and can lead to impotence. On the other hand nicotine in a cigarette has a negative effect on your blood flow and arousal. So it is very important to quit alcohol and smoking.

3.      Psychological causes
Psychological problems like anxiety, stress and depression can negatively affect your sex life. Such problems can lead to high blood pressure, ultimately damaging sexual performance. Psychological problems stop you from achieving optimum performance in the bed. So, it is important to keep yourself happy and stay away from unnecessary stress.

You need to reclaim a healthier lifestyle. In order to lead a healthy lifestyle you need to quit these regular habits or you can consult a therapist to sort out your problems. One can approach Dr. P.K. Gupta, sexologist in Delhi, for the sex therapy and counseling of sexual problems