Thursday, 23 November 2017

Tips to Boost your Testosterone Level

The level of testosterone plays an important role in each man’s life. It helps them to lead a healthy relation with their partners. If the level of testosterone in the body decreases, there are chances of several issues such as family problem, health issue and various other issues. There is no need to worry as there are various ways by which one can increase them.

Tips to Boost your Testosterone Level

How to increase testosterone level?

In order to increase the level of testosterone here are some tips mentioned below:

  • In order to increase the production of Testosterone you should take foods that have high fat content. According to doctor intake of high fat content foods helps in producing large amount of testosterone on the body. So it is advised to take foods with high fat content, who are facing low testosterone issues.
  • You should not take high content of sugar as it affects the level of testosterone. The high level of sugar affects the insulin level of the body and as a result all the glucose goes out from the bloodstream. So in order to lead a healthy life the consumption of sugar has to be lowered.
  • Testosterone level are affected by drinking alcohol especially beer. Generally taking lot of alcohol men becomes emotional as testosterone gets converted into estrogen. If you are have low testosterone level then in that case you should strictly avoid intake of beer.
  • If there is less or no sleep at night this can affect the Testosterone level. In order to get good sound sleep, you can read some books as this would help you to feel relaxed at night and helps in taking good sleep. If you take magnesium before going to bed this would help you to take good sound sleep and as a result testosterone level can be increased.
  • In order to increase the testosterone you should do exercises, but doing over exercise may hamper the positive affect. You should perform compound exercise rather than performing only single exercise. Every day you should perform exercise for about forty five minutes

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

How to feel pleasure in the bedroom?

Everyone has different taste in bed, but there are few things that help you to feel pleasure in bed. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss how you and your partner can feel pleasure in the bedroom.

How to feel pleasure in the bedroom?

If you are going to have a intercourse with your partner, then it should be satisfactory, erotic, and romantic, so that both the partners can enjoy sex and desire to have it again. A satisfying sex improves your relation by having better communication between you and your partner and also make you happy. To have a satisfying sex, you should know some basic tips to arouse your partner or feel pleasure in bed.

Here are some basic tips to feel pleasure in the bedroom.

  •     Get frisky in bed

You should be frisky in bed, frisky means ready to sex and having more desire for sex. Sex is the activity that needs desire for sex and it needs to be satisfied. Getting frisky in bed helps you have a passionate sex and also make your relation with the partner better.

  •     Focus on sensitive spots

To have an erotic sex you should focus on the sensitive parts of the body. You should handle with care the sensitive parts, and flick them with tongue and leave your partner speechless. It will arouse your partner.

  •     Touch yourself

Touching yourself makes you confident and connect to your partner sexually. It will turn you on and excite you to have sex. This will helps you to understand better about your partner and please his/her soon.

How to feel pleasure in the bedroom?

So, these are the tips to feel pleasure in the bedroom. If you also want to feel pleasure in bed, then you should consider these tips and have a good sex.  And if you are also facing any sexual issues, then you should consult the best sex doctor that is Dr. P. K Gupta. Dr. P. K Gupta is the best sex doctor, you can meet him in his best penis enlargement treatment center in Delhi, where he provides best sex treatments.  So, consult him in his penis enlargement center in Delhi to have a better sex life. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Best Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction - Dr.Pk Gupta

Over the past decade there have been an increasing amount of studies and surveys done on the treatments of erectile dysfunction in Delhi. Oral medication is the most common, simple and successful erectile dysfunction treatment for many men. We are providing a platform for people to find impotence information and latest news on erectile dysfunction treatment. Safe, Secure, Care, Authentic & Discreet is the protocol of our service, so, we focus on offering genuine and FDA approved brand for ED treatment.

Best Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction - Dr.Pk Gupta

Erectile dysfunction (ED/man impotence), as one of the top men’s health problems, is an inability to achieve and sustain an erection suitable for sexual intercourse. According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 5% of 40-year-old men and between 15% and 25% of 65-year-old men experience ED on a long-term basis, and it’s estimated that 1 in 10 men in the world are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Other medications

Psychological counselling. If your erectile dysfunction is caused by stress, anxiety or depression, your GP may suggest that you, or you and your partner, visit a psychologist or counselor. Even if it is caused by something physical, erectile dysfunction can create stress and relationship tension.

Testosterone replacement. Some men have erectile dysfunction caused by low levels of the hormone testosterone, and may need testosterone replacement therapy.

Alprostadil self-injection. With this method, you use a fine needle to inject alprostadil (Alprostadil, Caverject Impulse, Edex) into the base or side of your penis. In some cases, medications generally used for other conditions are used for penile injections on their own or in combination. Examples include papaverine, alprostadil and phentolamine. Each injection generally produces an erection in five to 20 minutes that lasts about an hour. Because the needle used is very fine, pain from the injection site is usually minor. Side effects can include bleeding from the injection, prolonged erection and formation of fibrous tissue at the injection site.

Penis pumps. A penis pump (vacuum constriction device) is a hollow tube with a hand-powered or battery-powered pump. The tube is placed over your penis, and then the pump is used to suck out the air inside the tube. This creates a vacuum that pulls blood into your penis. Once you get an erection, you slip a tension ring around the base of your penis to hold in the blood and keep it firm. You then remove the vacuum device. The erection typically lasts long enough for a couple to have sex. You remove the tension ring after intercourse.

Penile implants. This treatment involves surgically placing devices into the two sides of the penis. These implants consist of either inflatable or semi-rigid rods made from silicone or polyurethane. The inflatable devices allow you to control when and how long you have an erection. The semi-rigid rods keep the penis firm but bendable. This treatment can be expensive and is usually not recommended until other methods have been tried first. As with any surgery, there is a risk of complications such as infection.

Best Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction - Dr.Pk Gupta

Blood vessel surgery. In rare cases, a leaking blood vessel can cause erectile dysfunction and surgery is necessary to repair it. is a website that offers complete information and genuine brand for the erectile dysfunction treatment.

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Thursday, 9 November 2017

5 Ways to get Aroused During Sex - Sexologist in Delhi

5 Ways to get Aroused During Sex: Sex is amazing, but let’s be honest, sometimes we are really not in the mood for loving someone. Sometimes you feel turned off lately it doesn’t mean that you can’t turn yourself on. Here in this blog, the Best Sexologist in Delhi is going to share the best ways, you can follow to get aroused while having sex with your partner. So, get ready ladies! Here are top 5 ways to spice up your sexual life.

5 Ways to get aroused during sex

1.      Make up your mind
Your brain plays the most important part in your body and especially to make you sexually aroused. You can watch erotic movies or have a good time with your partner to increase your desire to have sex.

2.      Boost arousal with love smell
Certain aromas are known to boost your arousal, like the smell of vanilla and flowers. Such smells can increase the blood flow to the genital areas and light up your lovemaking mood. You can use some flower spray or candles to increase your sexual desires.

3.      Get to know your cycle
During certain days of month sex is more enjoyable. Days one through fourteen of your menstrual cycle are optimal days for lovemaking. The Women said to have increased libido during this time due to increased testosterone level.

4.      Get more familiar with your desires
A lot of women are not aware of what they want during sex, so they go along with the flow. They do what their partner decides to do. Women don’t even know how to describe their desires in front of their partners.

5.      Give yourself time to warm up
Women take time to warm up, while men don’t. A lot of women get frustrated themselves for not responding faster during sex. You need to be patient and give time to feel your sexual desires. The process of getting aroused is an enjoyable experience, so enjoy it.

These are the ways to get aroused during sexual activity. If you are unable to enjoy your sexual life, then you can follow these steps. You need to respond while having sex with your partner. If you are not experiencing any kind of arousal, then you can consult a therapist. Dr. P.K. Gupta is a leading Sexologist in Delhi, which provides sexual therapy. You can book an appointment with Dr. P.K. Gupta for the consultation and therapy. 

Monday, 6 November 2017

Quick tips to Keep Your Penis Healthy - Penis Enlargement

Quick tips to Keep Your Penis Healthy - Penis Enlargement: The penis is the most important organ in men’s body, but a lot of men take their penis health for granted. Later on they confront serious health problems later in life. So, men should make healthy life choices to keep their penis in tip-top functions, as it was intended to do. Most men search about the recommendations for the penis health, but don’t perform those recommendations.

Quick tips to Keep Your Penis Healthy

Today in this blog, we are going to tell you some quick tips to get proactive. We will talk about the things you should do and make a priority in your life to keep your penis healthy and your sex life satisfying. Penis Enlargement Treatment center in Delhi is going to share the tips to keep your penis well functioned. Here are the number one, two, three and four.

1.     Ejaculation at least 4 times a week is good for health.
This is the tip that every man would like to embrace. To keep your penis function good & healthy, you should have erections and ejaculations regularly. Regular ejaculation reduces the risk of getting prostate cancer.

2.     Keep your penis clean.
Inspection of your genital parts regularly is important. Remember to clean your penis regularly. Wash it up, particularly after things like workout. Regular cleaning of the penis is very important to keep harmful bacteria away and maintain the health of the penis.

3.     Get your balls checked by a physician.
Testicular cancer is the most common problem in men. If left undetected, it can spread to other parts of the body. So, it is very important to get your testicles checked by the physician on a regular basis to avoid serious health issues.

4.     Lead a healthy life.
To keep the good health of your penis, you need to quit smoking and alcohol and lead a healthy life. Smoking affects your cardiovascular health and cause penile problems. Eat healthy and take alcohol on a regular basis.

Quick tips to Keep Your Penis Healthy.

You need to follow these quick tips to keep your penile health good. To get your penis checked by the expert doctor, you can visit the Penis Enlargement Center in Delhi. Dr. P.K. will check your penis and if any problem will diagnose, then he will provide safe and effective treatment. 

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Important things you should know about impotence

Important things you should know about impotence

Impotence Treatments

Sex is one of the most important parts of a relationship, as it keeps a couple attached to each other. One of the most common problems that can cause a relationship breakup is sexual problems. The conditions get worse when a man is unable to perform well in bed. One of the most common problems that a man can get is erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Impotence is a dysfunction in which a man is unable to get or keep an erection firm enough to have a satisfied sexual intercourse. The problem occurs due to the blocked blood flow to the penis. It is an embarrassing problem among men and that is why they feel embarrassed talking about impotence. There are some important things that you need to know about impotence. Here in this blog, an Impotence Treatments Specialist in Delhi is going to share some important things about impotence. So, let’s not waste time and proceed further.

Impotence Treatment in Delhi

1.     Cardiovascular problems are the main cause.
Impatience doesn’t mean that the person is not interested in sex or he’s not capable of having it. There is a serious medical issue behind this problem, i.e. cardiovascular problems. Cardiovascular problems are one the many problems that can cause erectile dysfunction because due to cardiovascular problems, your penis is unable to get enough blood flow.

2.     Impotence is because of old age.
Erections occur when your mind is ready for the sexual intercourse. So, as you get older, your mind gets affected for various reasons. Age related health problems can weaken your body, blood circulation and emotions, which can cause erectile dysfunction.

3.     Smoking and drinking can cause Impotence.
Once in a while, having a moderate alcohol is fine for the health. However, if you are addicted to alcohol and smoking, then chances of you getting impotence increases. Alcohol and nicotine can affect your sperm health and affect the quality of your erections. Alcohol blocks the blood flow of the penis and causes Erectile Dysfunction or impotence.

So, these are important things that a person should know about impotence. If you are also suffering from this problem, then don’t get embarrassed and get the Impotence Treatment in Delhi at Dr. P.K. Gupta’s super specialty clinic. He also provides Treatment for low Sex Desire in Delhi at an affordable cost. 

Thursday, 26 October 2017

What is sexual problems ?

Dr Pk Gupta is a Best sexologist in Delhi. He want to tell you what is actually sexual problem .
sexual problems

sexual problem, or sexual dysfunction, refers to a problem during any phase of the sexual response cycle that prevents the individual or couple from experiencing satisfaction from the sexual activity. The sexual response cycle has four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution.

While research suggests that sexual dysfunction is common (43% of women and 31% of men report some degree of difficulty), it is a topic that many people are hesitant to discuss. Fortunately, most cases of sexual dysfunction are treatable, so it is important to share your concerns with your partner and doctor.

sexual problems

What causes sexual problems?
Sexual dysfunction can be a result of a physical or psychological problem.

* Physical causes -- Many physical and/or medical conditions can cause problems with sexual function. These conditions include diabetes, heart and vascular (blood vessel) disease, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalances, chronic diseases such as kidney or liver failure, and alcoholism and drug abuse. In addition, the side effects of certain medications, including some antidepressant drugs, can affect sexual desire and function.

* Psychological causes -- These include work-related stress and anxiety, concern about sexual performance, marital or relationship problems, depression, feelings of guilt, and the effects of a past sexual trauma.

Who is affected by sexual problems?
Both men and women are affected by sexual problems. Sexual problems occur in adults of all ages. Among those commonly affected are those in the geriatric population, which may be related to a decline in health associated with aging.

How do sexual problems affect men?
The most common sexual problems in men are ejaculation disorders, erectile dysfunction, and inhibited sexual desire.

What are ejaculation disorders?
There are different types of ejaculation disorders, including:

* Premature ejaculation -- This refers to ejaculation that occurs before or soon after penetration.

* Inhibited or retarded ejaculation -- This is when ejaculation is slow to occur.

* Retrograde ejaculation -- This occurs when, at orgasm, the ejaculate is forced back into the bladder rather than through the urethra and out the end of the penis.

In some cases, premature and inhibited ejaculation are caused by a lack of attraction for a partner, past traumatic events and psychological factors, including a strict religious background that causes the person to view sex as sinful. Premature ejaculation, the most common form of sexual dysfunction in men, often is due to nervousness over how well he will perform during sex. Certain drugs, including some anti-depressants, may affect ejaculation, as can nerve damage to the spinal cord or back.

sexual problems

Retrograde ejaculation is common in males with diabetes who suffer from diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage). This is due to problems with the nerves in the bladder and the bladder neck that allow the ejaculate to flow backward and into the bladder. In other men, retrograde ejaculation occurs after operations on the bladder neck or prostate, or after certain abdominal operations. In addition, certain medications, particularly those used to treat mood disorders, may cause problems with ejaculation. This generally does not require treatment unless it impairs fertile.

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