Monday, 8 August 2016

Treatment for Weak Sex in Delhi

Generally, Female Sexual problems are the problem occurs during any stage of the sexual response cycle which stops her from feeling pleasure from the sexual activity. This cycle comprises of four steps excitement, Plateau, orgasm and resolution. It is very general and happens male And female both. But it’s very embarrassed moment for a person to suffer from this disease. Luckily, most cases of sexual dysfunction are remediable, so it is significant to consult anxieties with your husband and Best Sexologist in Chandigarh.

Female Sexual Problems
 What Causes Sexual Dysfunction?

Physical causes: Many physical or medical disorders can cause complications with sexual activity. These illnesses include Hormonal imbalance, Heart problem, Diabetes and menopause.Apart from this, Uses of alcohol can have also adverse effect on your body.

Psychological causes: It contains depression and anxiety, concern about erotic performance,marital or relationship problems,or the effects of a past sexual shock.

Painful Intercourse: You may have pain while physically with your partner which may include a genital mass, poor lubrication, the presence of blemish tissue from surgery or an STD. However, it is almost curable and you can get treatment for Weak Sex in Delhi.


To detect Female Sexual Dysfunction, our doctor likely will begin with a physical test and a thorough assessment of indications. The doctor may perform a pelvic exam to assess the health of the reproductive organs and a pap smear to diagnose changes in the cells of the cervix. Our doctor is one of the best Woman Sexology Consultant in Faridabad.