Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Do you know cell phones in your pocket can cause Erectile Dysfunction and male infertility? | sexologist in delhi

Smart phone is one of the most powerful technologies which science has given us. Due to mobile phones today, we can connect to anybody sitting anywhere in the world, but if something has its advantages, then it also has some disadvantages. Not only Demerits, mobile phones can affect your health badly.

These days’ people are addicted to their cell phones. The Cell phone has become a major part of our life, we keep it with us all time doesn’t matter, we are sleeping or studying, it is always needed and we generally carry it in our pockets. Well, do you know mobile phones can actually damage your sex life badly? Yes, you heard right. Radiations from mobile phones are so harmful that if can cause erectile dysfunction and damage sperm quality in males. In India, Mobile phone is the major cause of infertility in males and females.  
How mobile phone causes erectile dysfunction in men?
According to a study, harmful radiations from mobile phones may harm your reproductive health badly. Continuous use of mobile phones can damage your sperms, DNA and can cause erectile dysfunction. Cell phones can badly disturb you romantic encounter with your partner. Carrying a mobile phone in your pocket increases the risk of erectile dysfunction in men.  The exact connection of erectile dysfunction and a mobile phone is still unclear, but it is proved that carrying around cell phones in your trouser pocket more than four hours may lead to impotence. If you are facing any kind of issues during sexual intercourse, then you must consult best sexologist doctor in Delhi , to get rid of your problems.
How cell phone radiations lower sperm count?
Cell phones may affect your reproductive system and causes infertility. Radiations from mobile can kill your sperms or damage the quality of sperms which leads to infertility. If you are carrying your cell phone in your pant pocket, then you are keeping it close to your testicles, which may affect your fertility and damage sperm quality due to electromagnetic waves. So, if you are having unprotected sex from past one year and your wife is unable to conceive, then you may be suffering from low sperm count, don’t panic you can consult a trusted sexologist in Noida and welcome a new member in your family after treatment.
Protect yourself from the harmful radiations of mobile phones.
  • The obvious one, keep your phone away from your groin; either carry your phone in your hand or it in your bag.
  • If you are not using your mobile then keep it switched off rather than putting it on airplane mode or on silent mode.
  • Never keep your mobile under your pillow while sleeping, Keep it away first when you sleep.
  • Keep your phone fully charged because low battery phone produces more harmful radiations.
  • Using cell phone not only causes a sexual problem it can also cause brain cancer. So limit your conversations on the phone and use messenger and texting instead of calling.
Dear people, I don’t know about you, but I am actually scared of mobile phone after knowing its bad effects on our health.
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