Thursday, 5 January 2017

Can nightfall cause physical weakness in men? | Night Fall Treatment In Delhi

Every male is aware about the nightfall, in which they get wet dreams. Some males admit to have night falls and others feel embarrassed to admit it. This problem is not a rare problem among males, infinite people experience night falls during their sleep. But if it is frequent, then you should talk to a sex doctor

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Why males get wet dreams?
We also know night fall as nocturnal emission, in which a man experiences sudden ejaculation during sleep, without even touching their penis. A wet dream happens while males dream about sex during sleep.
When a male goes through their puberty period your body makes the testosterone hormone which allows your body to release sperm. The problem is common among adolescents and happens any time after puberty. There are innumerable reasons that cause wet dreams in a male, which includes habits, lifestyle, diet, mental and physical health.   

Frequent nightfall – normal or not
Excess masturbation can cause nocturnal emission in males. Excess masturbation may weaken parasympathetic nerve, which is actually responsible for holding erections and keeping semen locked inside the penis. So, over masturbation can make your nerve weak and you will get wet dreams even with a slight excitement.  
A male can face problems in erection due to frequent nigh falls. One can also face hormonal imbalance and fatigue due to excess night fall. Your body will start losing its strength and energy due to frequent wet dreams.

How to recover from nocturnal emission?
Whether it is your puberty time or you are an adult if you are frequently experiencing wet dreams then you need to consult a trusted sexologist in Delhi, who can treat your night fall. Low libido and erectile dysfunction may also occur due to excess wet dreams, so you need to understand your problem and get the complete treatment for it. 

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 If you feel guilty talking about your wet dreams, then sit down with your partner first, understand your problem and then discuss it with a sexologist who can give you effective treatment. You will also get a good sleep and wake up with dry pants.