Monday, 23 January 2017

Common misconceptions related to sexual dysfunction

Welcome again readers! In our previous post you read about three common performance issues of males that affect females, which as a quite interesting topic to know. Whether you are a male or a female, I always suggest consulting a top sexologist in Delhi, if you are going through serious sexual problems.
Today we are going to discuss about some serious topic, related to misconceptions (myths) about sexual disorders. Sex is in our mind all the time, it is one of the best activities which gives relax to our mind and it is a natural stress buster. But when Sexual activity starts getting worse, then it is the point when the male starts blaming himself. It is not always important that the problem is occurring due to males, it can also trigger in females so it is purely wrong to blame a male always. Let’s take a look at some common myths and truths which are ruing your sexual life.
Myths and Facts
Myth 1: - Only males require medical treatment for sexual dysfunction.
Truth: - It is a common misconception that female sexual dysfunction does not require medical or physical condition. For men it is easy to understand their sexual issue. For women, they can only tell you that they are going through a problem but cannot come in and show you the problem. There are many things that can cause dysfunction in women and require medical treatment.
Myth 2: - Only females are responsible for infertility.
Truth: - It is one of the common misconceptions in India that infertility is only because of females. If a woman cannot conceive a child, then this problem is also because of women, this is untrue. Men also have infertility problems. Half of couples who are suffering from infertility are suffering due to male’s low sperm count or motility.
Myth 3: - Men have more sexual desire than women.
Truth: - It is believed that males can easily get an erection and they are ready to go 24 x 7. But it is not true; men may feel tired and daily fluctuations in sex desire. Males go through some sexual dysfunctions which cause problems in sex life. So it is very important to get the treatment if you are going through low sex desire.  
Myth 4: - Loosing virginity will be painful for every woman.
Truth: - Losing virginity is not always painful and bleeding in women. They may feel slight discomfort or pain, but if they are aroused and relaxed, then she should be able to receive the penis with ease. It is important to give time to a woman and build up a strong relationship. Many women always feel pain while having sexual intercourse, which is uncommon, so it is important to get the treatment.
Myth 5: - Erectile Dysfunction only affects old males.
Truth: - Yes, it is true that Erectile Dysfunction mostly trigger in older men, but you should not take it for granted.  Erectile dysfunction can also occur in young males due to daily lifestyle, such as alcohol & smoking, stress, hectic life, etc. If you are young and facing problems in maintaining an erection, then you definitely need to consult an expert.
Sexual dysfunction treatment

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