Monday, 9 January 2017

Good news for women – Frequent sex can increase their memory power

Ladies, now you have a beneficial reason to enjoy more action in bed. Sex is the most enjoyable work for women and if you will get a benefit of this enjoyment in life, then I think nothing can be better than this. The most important sexual organ in humans is between their legs and ears. Yes, its brain between ears which captures all your feelings, actions and thoughts for life time.
A reputed sexologist in Delhi, Dr. P.K. Gupta says, ‘regular sex can boost the brain power of a woman’.  How? That we will discuss in this post. If you are reading this, then probably you love having sex with your partner and even want to know the benefits of it. Having sex frequently, can make a woman smarter because it helps in creating new neurons in human brain, which increases the ability to think clearer.
How sex boosts brain power?
There are many scientific reasons which prove that sex boost brain power of women. Many studies have confirmed that sexual activity promotes cell growth in the brain and control long term memory. Sex improves brain power in different ways, such as: -
  • Having sex on a regular basis can actually grow more neurons and generate more brain cells in the area of the brain known as hippocampus, which is associated with the information retention.
  • Frequent sex can help in maintaining good memory because it releases the stress hormones from our brain which causes negative emotions. Those who have a better sex life, also have better memory recall.
  • Sex activates your brain and keeps it sharp by reducing risk of developing dementia and other memory problems.
Sex keeps the love alive in a relationship. The positive point of having sex is not just good memory, it also keeps your intimate relationship good which keeps you happy and stress less all day.
Complementary benefits of Sex
Don’t skin sex if you have a headache or pain in any other body part. Some researches show that doing sex while you have chronic pain can give you instant relief. If you feel frustrated and stressful all day, then have a romantic night with your partner and your stress will vanish.
Sex is a natural supplement for glowing and wrinkle free skin. Your body produces hormones named DHEA, which is beneficial for every woman’s skin. It helps to improve the appearance of a woman and keep them looking younger and beautiful. If you want a flawless skin, then don’t skip your intercourse.
Sex and stress
Ladies, if you are having sexual intercourse regularly with your partner, then probably you have become a beauty with brain. But do you know if you are facing problems while having sex with your partner, then it may lead to stress and frustrations.
Yes, you heard right, some women enjoy sex with their partner while others may find their sex painful and unsatisfied, which always leads to stress and frustrations. Dr. P.K. Gupta, the best sexologist in Delhi, says that ‘many women feel pain while having sex due to lack of sexual arousal and low libido. They generally don’t get an orgasm, which is a problem known as Anorgasmia. These problems lead to a bad sex life and causes stress and frustration in many women.

If you are not enjoying sexual intercourse with your partner and facing a lot more stress in your life, then consult Dr. P.K. Gupta, who is a top sexologist in Delhi. He will give you an effective treatment, which helps you to live a better sexual life. If you want an easier entry without feeling pain then we are suggesting you to consult a doctor first and improve your sexual life.