Tuesday, 9 May 2017

How to Have Sex for the first Time and Make It Better?

Doesn’t matter who you are, sex for the first time is a huge deal for everyone. If you are preparing to lose your virginity, then let me remind you that a little discomfort is normal. Whether it’s male for females, both are nervous and hesitated about their first sexual act.

How can you make your first sexual act better? Best sex doctor in India, Dr. P.K. Gupta is going to tell you nine secrets to make sex pleasurable during your first time. Here is your guide to have sex first time and enjoy it.

1.      You should consider protection for various purposes.
Nothing can be more distracting than worrying about Sexually Transmitted Disease and pregnancy. The worry can ruin the sexual intercourse, so it is important to use condom first time. It not only prevents unwanted pregnancies, but also gives you protection from Sexually Transmitted Disease. Latex condoms are lubricated, so you will feel minor pain while having sex.

2.     Foreplay must be your first priority.
Whether you are experienced or not, foreplay is a crucial part of the sexual intercourse. You should not neglect it because a woman can only get naturally lubricated after foreplay and lubrication helps in reducing pain during first stimulation. You can also try silicon based lube to make sex more pleasurable.

3.     Take it slow.
When you have sex, don’t get excited because excitement can make sex painful for your partner. It’s her first time and she will feel pain, so you should take it slow and steady. You should stop at the point when it is hurting your partner. Once sex is underway, try easy positions to make sex pleasurable.

These are the three most important points you should keep in mind while having sex first time with your partner. If you are ready, then you should definitely have sex and make your relationship and bonding stronger. The best sex doctor in Delhi, Dr. P.K. Gupta wants to make your sex life better, so if you are facing more hesitation about first time sex, then you can book an appointment with him for the counseling.