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5 Signs That Say You are Sex Addicted - Sex Doctor in Delhi

Sex addiction is known as Hypersexual Disorder in which person continuously gets sexual thoughts and get out of control. The addiction of sex can vary from person to person at different stages of life. A sex addicted person cannot control his sexual thoughts and become obsessive and demanding.

Sexual addiction is an inability to control sexual behavior (sexual compulsion). A sexual addiction can manifest itself in many different ways. There are varieties of possible warnings given by Sex Doctor in Delhi that indicate you are sex addicted.

1.      You exploit your partner for sex
You may be a good person, but when it comes to sex, you always think about your sexual pleasure. Your partner is just an object to use or a toy to play with. You don’t care about your partner’s feeling, you only want your pleasure and get them to do what you want.

2.      Have unsafe sex
You always want sex and can’t control yourself. You are so much addicted to sex that when you have sex you can’t control your feelings and penetrate without any protection.

3.      You are a serial dater
You cannot spend your adult life with a single partner, as you love having sex with different people. You go from one relationship to another, often with the history of cheating. You always lie to your partner and lead a double life.

4.      You masturbate all the time
Sex is all the time in your mind and you watch porn multiple times regularly. You masturbate in your lunch time and before you go to sleep. If you are beating 20-30 times a week, then you can be a sex addict. You have a porn addiction as well as masturbation addiction.

5.      You feel powerless
You always lose everything little by little, when you try to stop. You need to go and talk to a person who understands you.

These are the common symptoms of a sex addicted person. You need to consult a specialist for the therapy to get rid of sex addiction. You can approach Dr. P.K. Gupta, the Best Sexologist Doctor in Delhi for the cause of your problem and get the treatment accordingly.

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