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How We Can Solve Sexual Problems? - Best Sexologist in Delhi

Sexual problems are big issue faced by the both male and females, it can occur by a number of reasons. A sexual problem or sexual dysfunction refers to a difficulty that occur during sex. Losing excitement or not reaching to the orgasm is the significance of sex problem. This blog is brought you by the Best Sexologist in Delhi, where we are going to review sex problems and their treatment.

Common issues that can cause sex problems

Pain during sex
Pain during sex is also known as Dyspareunia, it is very common- particularly in women, and it has greater consequences that are fearful of sex, low sex drive.

Loss of desire
Lack of sex drive is the common in women at certain stages of her life, its physical factors that can cause relationship problems, tiredness, depression and sexual abuse.

Lack of confidence
Be as confident as you can, that helps to improve your sex life. If you have a good confidence, you'll feel better sex life.

Penis size
It is very common for men to concern about their penis size, it can also affect sex desire, sexual performance. And it can be found in men of all ages.

Porn and sex addiction
Sex and pornography addiction are a big issue in both men and women. People with sex addiction have often exciting  to have sexual thoughts and behavior.In this situation, they cannot stop or control their behavior.

Sexual phobia
It can be easily found in both men and women. A sexual phobia is a fear that impacts your ability to be aroused.In this situation, Such as, you will not touch your partner's penis or vagina.

So, these are the problems which are the faced by the both male and female during the sexual intercourse. These problems can be cured by consulting the Best sex doctor in Delhi.

Who is the best sex doctor in Delhi?
Dr. P K Gupta is the best sex doctor in Delhi, He is a superb sexologist and he creates awareness about the sex life in Indian society. He deals with a great solution of  sexual problems, which helps the couples to solve their sexual issues and helps to get better sex life.

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