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6 Places Every Woman Wants to Get Touched Again and Again - Best Sexologist in Delhi

Every man is interested to know more about how to satisfy his lady during sexual intercourse. You need to explore the female anatomy in order to keep her satisfied during sexual intercourse. Do you know women have pleasure sensors in their body? Incorporating touching these pleasure sensors during foreplay and sex will help you to get her in the mood after a hard day. 

But what are these pleasure sensors and how touching these areas get women in the mood? Here the 6 best points in the woman's body that you should know about to give her pleasure as well as orgasm during sex. We want to thank Dr. P.K. Gupta, the Best Sex Doctor in Delhi for telling us the 6 best places women want to get touched.

1.      Earlobes: - Touching, kissing and biting the earlobes of a woman will make her seduce during sex because these delicate soft lobes are very sensitive and women enjoy having a man’s lips on them.

2.      Nipples: - Nipples are women’s most sensitive part. Rubbing, kissing and biting the nipples of a woman will increase her arousal level and an atmosphere of intimacy during these special periods.

3.      Nape of Neck: - If you are passionate about providing pleasure to your partner, then stimulate this particular area. Kiss passionately on the nape of neck to increase the pleasure sensation.

4.      Clitoris: - If the intimate moments progress further, then touch the clitoris of a woman without engaging into heavier foreplay. Use your fingertips to rub the clitoris of a woman and you will probably notice goose bumps on your partner’s arms and legs. The slower you move, the more she will feel pleasure.

5.      Hair: - Just run your hand gently through her hair and it is guaranteed that she will get arousal. Make sure your fingertips come in contact with the scalp and move it slowly to reduce pain.

6.      Small of back: - Every woman wants to get touched on the small of back during sexual intercourse. Kissing and massaging the small of her back will get her heart racing and give her instant arousal. 

Being a woman, I personally noticed that getting touched in these places will make a huge difference. So, next time when you have sex with your partner, make sure to touch these places. Hope these points given by the Best Sexologist Doctor in Delhi will help you to make your woman indulge in sex completely and enjoy it. 

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