Saturday, 29 July 2017

How to Reduce Pain During First Sexual Intercourse?

How to Reduce Pain During First Sexual Intercourse?
Pain during the first sexual intercourse is the foremost concern as well as fear for every woman. Sex is an amazing thing, which is supposed to feel good and pleasure. Vaginal sex during first time can be painful, but if you want to enjoy your first sex, then this blog will really help you because we are going to share some tips to reduce the pain during first sexual intercourse.

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These are the discussed tips with a leading Sexologist in Noida, Delhi, which will definitely help you in the pain reduction during first sexual intercourse. We believe that women also have a right to enjoy their first sex just like men without feeling any pain. Sex is a huge deal and first sex is a learning process, so why not make it pleasurable by following these tentative tips. We have enlisted the secrets on having more pleasure experience during your first time.

1.     Start with a foreplay
Foreplay plays an important role in reducing pain during first sex for women because a long foreplay is enough to arouse any women and her vaginal walls will become well lubricated, which makes it easier for the penis to insert into the vagina without causing any pain. A woman has to be turned on during sex, so if you are not lubricated, then the first sex will be painful.  

2.     Talk to your partner
Communication can reduce a lot of sexual problems. Communicating before having sex can make you and your partner more excited about the sexual experience. You can talk about the sexual desires to combat pain during sex. Know your partner by communicating your desires.

3.     Use a lubricant
Many women face vaginal dryness during first sex due to various reasons. In such case, an artificial lubricant is enough to prevent the friction during sex. You can buy a lubricant from the store and use it during sex to prevent pain.

So, these are the tips you can follow to make your first time sexual intercourse painless and pleasurable. If you think you need to get prepared for the sex mentally and you are unable to prepare mentally, then you can consult a doctor for the sex counseling and therapy. One of a leading doctor for sex related problems is Dr. P.K. Gupta. He is the best sexologist in Delhi, who can help you to get rid of sexual concerns and problems.