Wednesday, 12 July 2017

How your daily habits can affect your sex life?

There are a lot of things that can affect your sex life. Certain chronic conditions like stress, alcohol and unhealthy diet can interfere with your ability to have sex. Guys spend a lot of time to sculpt their physique and improve appearance. On the other hand women do a lot of workout to shrink their waistline in order to look sexy. A workout routine is very important to repair sexual life.

Unhealthy habits or underlying health conditions caused by poor lifestyle can impair sexual performance. So it is important to know the main factors that affect your sex life. So a leading sexologist in Delhi has brought this blog to let you know the common lifestyle habits that are your sex killers.

1.      Relationship problems
Improper communication, lack of trust and regular arguments can act as a major hindrance in your sex life. So it is important to solve the issues in your relationships to take your sex life in the right direction. You can even seek counseling from a good therapist to sort out personal differences between you and your partner.

2.      Excessive smoking & alcohol consumption
Excessive alcohol consumption is linked to a lot of health issues. Having alcohol on a regular basis can freeze your sex drive, as it directly interferes with impulses. It can permanently damage your nervous system and can lead to impotence. On the other hand nicotine in a cigarette has a negative effect on your blood flow and arousal. So it is very important to quit alcohol and smoking.

3.      Psychological causes
Psychological problems like anxiety, stress and depression can negatively affect your sex life. Such problems can lead to high blood pressure, ultimately damaging sexual performance. Psychological problems stop you from achieving optimum performance in the bed. So, it is important to keep yourself happy and stay away from unnecessary stress.

You need to reclaim a healthier lifestyle. In order to lead a healthy lifestyle you need to quit these regular habits or you can consult a therapist to sort out your problems. One can approach Dr. P.K. Gupta, sexologist in Delhi, for the sex therapy and counseling of sexual problems