Tuesday, 29 August 2017

7 Stubborn Sex myths Debunked by Sexologist in Delhi

7 Stubborn Sex myths Debunked by Sexologist in DelhiDuring adolescence, we all have heard a lot of myths about sex due to lack of sex education. You may have heard myths like penis size matter to make a woman orgasm, women are naturally more bisexual than men and a great sex means everlasting orgasm. But the fact is none of these are quite true. 

Let’s talk about the sex myths surrounding sex out there. We will debunk the stubborn sex myths that have been set in our mind. So let’s proceed and know these myths and facts given by a leading sexologist in Delhi. There is something for everyone in this collection of myths and facts.

Myth #1: - Men are more interested in sex than women.
Fact: - It is a myth that men have a higher libido than women. Every stranger on the street believes that men are more interested in sex than women. But if you will ask me, I would say women are just as interested in sex as men are. Women want sex, but due to cultural and social factors they are embarrassed to reveal their sexual thoughts and desires.

Myth #2: - Women will bleed during first sex, if they are virgin.
Fact: - Being a part of Indian society every male and female believes that every woman bleed when they have sex first time, if they are virgin. But the fact is bleeding happens due to hymen rupture and this can happen due to many reasons. Many women don’t bleed while having sex for the first time.

Myth #3: - It is impossible to get pregnant when you’re on your period.
Fact: - Sperm can survive in the woman’s uterus for three to five days, so if a woman has irregular periods, then it may be possible for her to ovulate only a few days after menstruation. So, if a woman had an unprotected sex during periods, then it may be possible for her to get pregnant.

Myth #4: - You can get an STD from a toilet seat.
Fact: - This is the worst sex myth that I have ever heard. No! You can’t get an STD from a toilet seat because the virus and bacteria don’t live that long out in the open and urine doesn’t contain sexual virus. Bacteria and virus are prone to live in dark, moist and warm conditions of a human body.

Myth #5: - Oral and anal sex are safe alternatives to vaginal sex.
Fact: - Transmission rates of STIs are totally based on different practices. There are many factors that can increase your chances to have an STD. For example, if you have an unprotected sex after brushing your teeth, you are prone to get an STI due to small tears in the gum. So, this is riskier than having a protected vaginal sex. So, whenever you engage in sex, you should be highly protected to reduce the risk of STDs.

We have had sex for many years, but still believing these myths. We still have much more to learn. Due to lack of sex education, we believe these myths. While this post by Dr. P.K. Gupta, the best sexologist in Delhi may debunk these myths. Always keep learning and stop believing these myths, human sex education still has a long way to go.