Thursday, 9 November 2017

5 Ways to get Aroused During Sex - Sexologist in Delhi

5 Ways to get Aroused During Sex: Sex is amazing, but let’s be honest, sometimes we are really not in the mood for loving someone. Sometimes you feel turned off lately it doesn’t mean that you can’t turn yourself on. Here in this blog, the Best Sexologist in Delhi is going to share the best ways, you can follow to get aroused while having sex with your partner. So, get ready ladies! Here are top 5 ways to spice up your sexual life.

5 Ways to get aroused during sex

1.      Make up your mind
Your brain plays the most important part in your body and especially to make you sexually aroused. You can watch erotic movies or have a good time with your partner to increase your desire to have sex.

2.      Boost arousal with love smell
Certain aromas are known to boost your arousal, like the smell of vanilla and flowers. Such smells can increase the blood flow to the genital areas and light up your lovemaking mood. You can use some flower spray or candles to increase your sexual desires.

3.      Get to know your cycle
During certain days of month sex is more enjoyable. Days one through fourteen of your menstrual cycle are optimal days for lovemaking. The Women said to have increased libido during this time due to increased testosterone level.

4.      Get more familiar with your desires
A lot of women are not aware of what they want during sex, so they go along with the flow. They do what their partner decides to do. Women don’t even know how to describe their desires in front of their partners.

5.      Give yourself time to warm up
Women take time to warm up, while men don’t. A lot of women get frustrated themselves for not responding faster during sex. You need to be patient and give time to feel your sexual desires. The process of getting aroused is an enjoyable experience, so enjoy it.

These are the ways to get aroused during sexual activity. If you are unable to enjoy your sexual life, then you can follow these steps. You need to respond while having sex with your partner. If you are not experiencing any kind of arousal, then you can consult a therapist. Dr. P.K. Gupta is a leading Sexologist in Delhi, which provides sexual therapy. You can book an appointment with Dr. P.K. Gupta for the consultation and therapy.